Fully Integrated Energy Plant Solutions for your building needs

Smith focuses on high-performance complex systems for the large commercial and corporate building sector.  We have delivered our full suite of services for tens of millions of square feet of commercial office space and the central plants that support the systems of these buildings.

We have two goals when we work with these customers:  deliver on our targets of energy optimization and performance optimization and increase the return on investment for client.

In certain regions, this sector has a renewed focus based on your region’s requirements.

Each region has local requirements for energy conservation and carbon reductions, in New York City there is Local Law 33, Local Law 87 and Local Law 97 and in Boston, the Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance.

Energy Engineering for Commercial Buildings

Healthcare facilities face different challenges than traditional facility systems with very specific requirements for temperature, pressure, humidity, and circulation.

They face new challenges each day and there can be no compromise for availability or reliability.

While they meet these challenges, they are not immune to the need to also find energy efficiencies and target improvements in performance.

Energy Engineering for Hospitals

Universities are some of the most complex and challenging environments where a central plant will serve power, chilled water, steam, hot water through miles upon miles of distribution systems to serve a complex mixed-use environment.

A campus ranges from classrooms and auditoriums to state-of-the art research facilities and teaching laboratories and includes housing and dining facilities.

We face the demands of reliability and availability to meet the broad demands of the campus, but also must meet the specific demands of specialized spaces like labs and data centers.

As an institution of higher learning, they must surpass sustainability and efficiency expectations to be a leader for the long term.

Energy Engineering for Universities

District Energy is not just the commercialization of the central utility plant, but the complexity of that commercialization to operate as a utility provider with the highest regard for reliability and profitability.

When providing services to district energy facilities the approach and mindset is how to strengthen the business through improvement to business operations and operational cost savings to allow for the business to grow their market and service their customers.

Energy Engineering for District Energy

Pharmaceutical facilities are complex facilities that have very little room for error.

The large campuses offer miles of distribution to serve critical spaces from laboratories, septic and aseptic spaces, cold rooms and storage facilities, traditional office spaces and manufacturing spaces where temperature, humidity and pressure could impact billions in revenue.

While they face the need to be efficient and sustainable in a global marketplace, they also need the flexibility to grow and expand and meet changing global conditions.

Energy Engineering for the Pharma Industry

Data Centers are critical facilities in the on-demand and remote workforce world and the goal is lights out operations.

This goal includes the enormous challenge of balancing efficiency, reliability and growth as data centers are not just the life blood of a business, they are a business.

These facilities face challenges of 24-hour operations, no room for downtime and growing density of customers and assets.

Cooling and power are the life blood of these facilities.

Energy Engineering for Data Centers
Human Centered Engineering

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