Building Operators
Our Heroes


Building operators are always the first to respond and the last to leave because they keep the facility up and running. We salute them not just for their impact on reliability, safety, and efficiency, but for their leadership and making a difference.

Smith Engineering Our Heroes - Building operators
Smith Engineering | Mike Cama
Smith Engineering - Building operators the heroes

Chief Engineer

Super powers  

  • Mike has not met a schedule he can’t meet; he once finished a job yesterday.
  • Strikes a balance between rigor and fun.
  • Eternal learner and teacher


Brookfield Place’s Central Plant at 250 Vesey St

  • 5 buildings
  • 8 Million Sqft
  • 15,000 Ton CHW plant
  • 13 280,000 gallon thermal energy storage tanks
  • River water heat rejection


Super bio

  • Worked his way up from helper to chief at the age of 45.
  • Over 33 Years with Brookfield Properties

Super project 

Central plant optimization was an $11M project to provide a 4.5 MW peak power reduction that included chiller refurbishment, new VFDs, and a new building automation system to support thermal storage and chiller plant optimizations.  Besides achieving the peak reduction, the project reduced over 9M kWh and was delivered under budget with over $4M in rebates and incentives.


Unique Strategy

  • Tuned thermal storage tank level sensors to improve thermal storage capacity.