Our Ambition

Smith Engineering’s goal is to challenge the status quo. We want your system to operate as designed with optimal performance with optimal economics, and we want to be held accountable to deliver that for you.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to shift the focus from the single asset and develop optimization, maintenance, and operational strategies on the integration of all the assets. Optimizing the central plant performance provides the opportunity for energy savings and reducing environmental impact, which allows for achieving greater economic value, organizational objectives, and regulatory requirements.

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Our Vision

Our vision is defined by the transition from the screwdriver to data analytics as the key component in our toolbox. When you provide a turnkey solution, you must not only have exhaustive knowledge and experience of these systems, but you must be able to develop custom plant performance models for each customer.

Smith Engineering | About Us | Our Vision

Smith Engineering Team

  • Shishir Acharya

    Mechanical Engineer
  • Emil Baccash

    Energy Group Manager
  • Chris Hansen

    Energy Engineer
  • Kelby Hohler

    Senior Energy Engineer
  • Taylor Hollings

    Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • William Martin

    Energy Engineer
  • Ram Nagarkoti

    Design Group Manager
  • Eloise Petruska

    Energy Engineer
  • Zach Platsis

    Director of Operations
  • Travis Smith

    Managing Partner