Engineering Services when good is not good enough

The one constant facing facility managers, plant managers, and operations teams is the rate of change in the demands of our roles.

The primary focus of facility management used to be comfort and reliability supported by well-trained teams of operations and maintenance personnel.

Today we have corporate objectives on sustainability and regulatory pressures to reduce energy and carbon or face financial penalties. We may have a letter grade on the outside of the facility measuring our energy efficiency while we maintain aging assets and legacy technology.

Smith Engineering understands these challenges and offers a set of services developed specifically with your objectives in mind.

As an industry leader it is our responsibility to manage financial opportunities to fund your projects by applying rebates and incentives; and to examine new methodologies and tools for advanced asset and system optimization.

Engineering Services | Smith Engineering

Design Build Services

We can help

  • Chiller Replacements or Upgrades
  • Boiler Replacements or Upgrades
  • Cooling Tower Replacements or Upgrades
  • VFD Replacements or Upgrades
  • Automation/Controls Replacements or Upgrades
  • Economic Studies for design upgrades and replacement

Our turnkey design/build services are focused on the changes to your existing central energy plant.

Our specialized resources and experience will help with your chilled water, boiler or Cogen plant, or your compressed air system.

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Energy Engineering

We can help

  • Rebates and Incentive Management
  • Cost Sharing Programs
    • Onsite Energy Manager
    • Operations Team Training
    • Energy Studies
  • ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audits
  • ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audits
    • NYC LL87 Energy Study Requirements
    • LEED Energy Study Requirements
  • ASHRAE Level 3 Energy Audits
  • Measurement and Verification

As we evaluate our assets and consider our future requirements one challenge is justifying our investment and developing our resources with the intent of energy optimization and carbon reduction.

The unique position of Smith Engineering is that when we evaluate these challenges it is not in place of reliability but how to leverage efficiency to improve reliability.

Our Energy Engineers use advanced modeling tools, onsite surveys, and building automation analyses for individual assets and overall system health.

Our goal is to provide efficient and sustainable solutions combined with financial incentives to allow you to achieve your objective.

Energy Engineering| Smith Engineering

Performance Optimization

We can help

  • AHU Optimization
  • Chiller Optimization
  • Pump and Fan Optimization
  • Cooling Tower Optimization
  • Chilled Water System Optimization
  • Hot Water/Steam System Optimization
  • Cogen Optimization
  • Compressed Air System Optimization
  • Hydraulic Modeling and Calibration

The optimization of an asset and entire system is a highly skilled service that Smith Engineering has developed to avoid black boxes and proprietary knowledge around your own assets.

The Smith Engineering solution starts with the individual optimization of an asset focusing on how to achieve its best efficiency operation.

The value of our asset optimization strategy is to leverage your existing automation systems with the best known information from the manufacturer submittals and performance curves to dial in your assets.

The second step is how to optimize the entire system in order to achieve the expected results of efficiency and reliability.

Smith Engineering | Performance-Optimization

Fundamental Services

Smith Engineering’s fundamental services focus on the basics of how building systems are designed and how they operate.

We can help

  • System Start Up Services
  • Owner’s Representative Services
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Operator Training

Standards based performance testing from the Hydraulic Institute, Cooling Technology Institute, The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute for:

  • Pumps
  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Boiler Combustion Analysis


Fundamenta Services | Smith Engineering
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