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Sequences Make all the Difference

A Shift from Technology to Optimization

Property Overview

A 40 story building serving 1.65 M Square feet of mixed-use space including retail, dining and office space located in the financial district. The building is LEED Gold Certified, BOMA 360 Achieved, Energy Star Rated, and 2021 WELL Health-Safety rated. The building is part of a district energy system.

Project Scope

The project initially started as a building automation project but was transformed into an energy optimization project by leveraging Smith Engineering’s expertise on asset optimization strategies and energy engineering.

The 2021 project was partially funded by the Con Edison C&I program that installed a new Building Management System allowing for a full building energy optimization strategy to be implemented.

This project included: secondary pump optimization, chilled water reset to allow for a higher delta T, and a detailed AHU optimization with static pressure and supply temperature resets on a floor-by-floor implementation. The savings from the chilled water reset were not just impactful for the building but included energy savings measured at the central chilled water plant.

While technology and engineering are tools to help us achieve these savings, they would be useless without leadership driving projects like this to success.  Special thanks to the onsite team

  • Annual kWh Energy Savings: 2,416,925
  • Rebate: $1 MM
  • Simple Payback: 3.7 Years

Disruptive Technology. Sustainable Efficiency.
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Smith Engineering Services

Energy Engineering  

Rebates and Incentive Management – Managed the entire financial incentive program including application, energy models and successful completion and measured success by Con Edison 

Performance Optimization

  • Design and Implement Optimized Sequence of Operations
    • Secondary Chilled Water Pump Staging
    • Secondary Chilled Water Temperature Reset
    • Secondary Chilled Water DP Optimization
    • Heating Hot Water Pump Staging
    • Heating Hot Water Temperature Reset
    • Heating Hot Water DP Reset
    • AHU Optimization

Fundamental Services

Operator Training – Initial project training on new control system and optimization.  Perform quarterly training on the continued optimization of the building.

Building Automation

Work with the controls vendor on logic implementation strategy, review and provide recommendation on HMI, system startup and measurement, and verification of the optimization.

Disruptive Technology. Sustainable Efficiency.
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