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Award Winning Relationship

A relationship built on 10 years of trust.

Campus Overview

Princeton University’s central energy plant is a district energy plant providing chilled water, steam, and electricity to the university campus. 

The plant has four main components: steam boilers, water chillers, an electric generator, and a large thermal energy storage system.

  • TES: 2.6 MM Gallon Tank or 40,000 ton hours of capacity
  • Chillers: 20,000 ton hours
  • Plant Boilers:  300,000 lbs. of steam per hour
  • General Electric LM-1600 gas turbine: 15 megawatts of electricity

As a leader in the academic world, they are a leader in the drive towards sustainability with a Net Zero goal by 2046 their 300th anniversary.  Read the plan at Sustainability Action Plan  

Our History

Princeton has played a critical role in the history of Smith Engineering. The university was one of our initial customers and as we have grown as an organization so has our relationship with Princeton.

In 2017, Princeton University and Smith Engineering won the IDEA Innovation Award for the booster chiller project.

“They teamed up to solve a complex, chronic low delta T in a campus engineering building with a heat concentrating chiller that yielded outstanding results – in both operational efficiencies and cost savings.”

 By International District Energy Association – Original Article

Our role spans the gambit from providing Siemens BMS controls technicians to design services to the optimization of a high-performance data center.

Project Experience

  • Chilled Water System Equipment Efficiency Mapping and Optimization
  • Design for Pump VFDs
  • Gas Compressor Optimization
  • Variable flow boiler feed water
  • Variable air flow gas turbine enclosure cooling
  • Variable flow condensate return level control
  • Partial free cooling to TES
  • Sofame Optimization (Condensing Boiler Economizer)
  • Duct burner turndown
  • CH-1 controls upgrade
  • TES tower nozzle cups
  • TES tank pump optimization
  • CHW distribution pump optimization
  • VFD air compressor upgrade (Design)
  • Static and SAT reset on AHUs
  • Data Center Optimization

Smith Engineering Services

  • Energy Engineering  
  • Design/Build
  • Performance Optimization
  • Training
  • Building Automation

Disruptive Technology. Sustainable Efficiency.
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