The Riverside Church - New York, NY

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Comprehensive Controls Upgrade:

Pneumatic to DDC


The church pursued a comprehensive controls upgrade to allow for better environmental control for its unique environments. In addition the church has a constant commitment to energy conservation.

Project Scope

The Riverside Church built in the late 1920s is the tallest church in the United States. The church retained roughly 90% of the original pneumatic controls, which at the time were state of the art. The HVAC systems perform environmental control for unique spaces which require precise control, such as the organ room and chapel areas.


  • Controls Sequence
  • IGA
  • Rebate Filing/Management
  • Construction Management
  • M&V
Old Pneumatic

Value Added

Energy Rebate:

  • ConED
  • Over $200,000

Energy Savings:

  • Over $100,000 per year

Project Simple Payback:

  • Under 4 Years