About Us

About Us

Smith Engineering, with headquarters in New York City, engineers performance improvement solutions for Central Energy Plants. Our solutions eliminate operational problems and reduce operating costs for clients who own and operate large, complex central energy plants.

Our served markets include Universities, Financial Services Providers, Data Centers, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Large Commercial Facilities. These markets typically have large central energy plants that are mission critical for both comfort and business operations.

The central energy plant is typically the largest consumer of energy within a facility, consuming as much as 50% of a facility’s power. Optimizing the central plant performance provides the opportunity for significant energy savings, reducing environmental impact, and achieving a faster payback on plant retrofits.

Central energy plants often fail to maintain their anticipated efficiency level over time. This occurs because traditional methods of operation and maintenance treat the plant as a collection of individual pieces of mechanical equipment rather than an integrated system. In order to achieve improved and sustained plant efficiency, engineers must look beyond the equipment level and take a holistic view of the central energy plant. Doing so can lead to savings not previously attainable.

At Smith Engineering, we specialize in delivering data driven solutions for central plant optimization. We recognize that every large scale central plant is unique so we take the time to thoroughly survey your plant to document the existing plant and root causes of poor plant performance. To this information we add trend data and your energy rate structure. We then input your unique plant data into Smith Modeling Software to develop a comprehensive System Model, including: Hydraulic Model, Equipment Efficiency Maps, and Baseline Plant Performance Model.

Next we apply our in depth knowledge and experience to design optimization solutions based on your plant data. We identify the performance modifications applicable to your plant and utilize custom plant performance models to forecast the energy savings. Next we generate cost estimates; determine the rebates available; and calculate ROI.

Smith Engineering will provide complete equipment and controls engineering and project management through construction, start-up, and measurement and verification. Contact us to see how we can help improve the performance of your central energy plant.

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